Unit of IssueEACH



Property Value
CommentMachine Sensed
No of Diodes9
Plate Diameter48
Amperage (A)45
Heatsink NoteCopper
Battery Post3 Lucar
OEM OEM Reference BOM
FORD 69EB10304AA
JAGUAR 37H6913
JAGUAR 607688
JAGUAR 90607688
LANDROVER 90607688
LUCAS 83166
LUCAS 83334
LUCAS 83520
LUCAS 83842
LUCAS 83842A
LUCAS 83844
LUCAS 84443
PERKINS 29810305
RENAULT 0085480700
TALBOT 75061613
OEM OEM Reference Complete Unit
LUCAS 23589 ALT16002
LUCAS 23589A/D
LUCAS 23589A/F
LUCAS 23589D
LUCAS 23589E/F
LUCAS 23590
LUCAS 23590A/D
LUCAS 23590A/H
LUCAS 23590E/H
LUCAS 23591 ALT16002
LUCAS 23591A/D
LUCAS 23591A/E
LUCAS 23591E
LUCAS 23592 ALT16002
LUCAS 23592A/D
LUCAS 23592A/E
LUCAS 23592E
LUCAS 23593 ALT16001
LUCAS 23593A/E
LUCAS 23605 ALT16001
LUCAS 23605A/D
LUCAS 23605E
LUCAS 23606 ALT16001
LUCAS 23606A/D
LUCAS 23606A/F
LUCAS 23606E/F
LUCAS 23615
LUCAS 23615A/D
LUCAS 23615A/E
LUCAS 23615D/E
LUCAS 23616 ALT16004
LUCAS 23616A/B
LUCAS 23616A/D
LUCAS 23616B/D
LUCAS 23616D
LUCAS 23617 ALT16003
LUCAS 23617A/B
LUCAS 23617A/D
LUCAS 23617D
LUCAS 23618 ALT16004
LUCAS 23618A/B
LUCAS 23618A/E
LUCAS 23618D/E
LUCAS 23619 ALT16002
LUCAS 23619A/D
LUCAS 23620 ALT16001
LUCAS 23620A/B
LUCAS 23620A/E
LUCAS 23620B/E
LUCAS 23622 ALT16003
LUCAS 23622A
LUCAS 23622A/B
LUCAS 23622B
LUCAS 23623 ALT16001
LUCAS 23623A/B
LUCAS 23623A/E
LUCAS 23623D/E
LUCAS 23632 ALT16002
LUCAS 23632A/E
LUCAS 23646 ALT16002
LUCAS 23646A/B
LUCAS 23647 ALT16001
LUCAS 23647B/D
LUCAS 23648 ALT16001
LUCAS 23648A/B
LUCAS 23653 ALT16002
LUCAS 23653A/B
LUCAS 23654 ALT16002
LUCAS 23654A/B
LUCAS 23659 ALT16002
LUCAS 23659A/B
LUCAS 23673 ALT16004
LUCAS 23673A/B
LUCAS 23675 ALT16002
LUCAS 23675A/D
LUCAS 23677 ALT16003
LUCAS 23677B
LUCAS 23679 ALT16001
LUCAS 23679A/D
LUCAS 23682 ALT16002
LUCAS 23682A
LUCAS 23682B/D
LUCAS 23685 ALT16001
LUCAS 23685A/D
LUCAS 23691 ALT16003
LUCAS 23691A/B
LUCAS 23692 ALT16004
LUCAS 23692A/B
LUCAS 23693 ALT16003
LUCAS 23693A/E
LUCAS 23694 ALT16001
LUCAS 23694A/E
LUCAS 23695 ALT16001
LUCAS 23695A/D
LUCAS 23697
LUCAS 23697A/D
LUCAS 23699A
LUCAS 23700 ALT16001
LUCAS 23700A/F
LUCAS 23701 ALT16002
LUCAS 23701A/F
LUCAS 23702
LUCAS 23702A/E
LUCAS 23703 ALT16001
LUCAS 23703A/B
LUCAS 23704 ALT16002
LUCAS 23704A/B
LUCAS 23705 ALT16002
LUCAS 23705A/D
LUCAS 23706
LUCAS 23706A/D
LUCAS 23707 ALT16002
LUCAS 23707A/B
LUCAS 23708 ALT16001
LUCAS 23708A/B
LUCAS 23709 ALT16003
LUCAS 23709A/D
LUCAS 23711 ALT16001
LUCAS 23711A/D
LUCAS 23712 ALT16002
LUCAS 23712A
LUCAS 23713 ALT16001
LUCAS 23713A/B
LUCAS 23713A/D
LUCAS 23714
LUCAS 23714A/D
LUCAS 23715 ALT16001
LUCAS 23715A/D
LUCAS 23716 ALT16001
LUCAS 23716A/D
LUCAS 23717 ALT16001
LUCAS 23717A/E
LUCAS 23718 ALT16001
LUCAS 23718A/D
LUCAS 23719 ALT16003
LUCAS 23719A/D
LUCAS 23721 ALT16003
LUCAS 23721A
LUCAS 23723
LUCAS 23723A
LUCAS 23724
LUCAS 23724A
LUCAS 23725 ALT16002
LUCAS 23725A
LUCAS 23726 ALT16001
LUCAS 23726A
LUCAS 23727 ALT16002
LUCAS 23727A/D
LUCAS 23728
LUCAS 23728A/D
LUCAS 23729 ALT16002
LUCAS 23729A/B
LUCAS 23730 ALT16001
LUCAS 23730A/B
LUCAS 23731 ALT16001
LUCAS 23731A
LUCAS 23734 ALT16001
LUCAS 23734A
LUCAS 23735 ALT16001
LUCAS 23735A/B
LUCAS 23736 ALT16002
LUCAS 23736A/B
LUCAS 23736A/D
LUCAS 23737 ALT16003
LUCAS 23737A/D
LUCAS 23738 ALT16004
LUCAS 23738A/B
LUCAS 23738A/D
LUCAS 23739
LUCAS 23739A/B
LUCAS 23740
LUCAS 23740A/B
LUCAS 23743 ALT16001
LUCAS 23743A/B
LUCAS 23751 ALT16003
LUCAS 23751A/D
LUCAS 23752 ALT16002
LUCAS 23752A/D
LUCAS 23753 ALT16001
LUCAS 23753A/B
LUCAS 23754 ALT16002
LUCAS 23754A/B
LUCAS 23755 ALT16001
LUCAS 23755A
LUCAS 23758
LUCAS 23758A/B
LUCAS 23759 ALT16003
LUCAS 23759A/D
LUCAS 23760 ALT16004
LUCAS 23760A/D
LUCAS 23761 ALT16001
LUCAS 23761A/B
LUCAS 23762 ALT16001
LUCAS 23762A/B
LUCAS 23765 ALT16003
LUCAS 23765A/B
LUCAS 23766 ALT16003
LUCAS 23766A/B
LUCAS 23767 ALT16036
LUCAS 23767A/B
LUCAS 23768 ALT16004
LUCAS 23768A/B
LUCAS 23769 ALT16001
LUCAS 23769A/D
LUCAS 23770 ALT16002
LUCAS 23770A/D
LUCAS 23771 ALT16003
LUCAS 23771A/B
LUCAS 23773 ALT16002
LUCAS 23773A/B
LUCAS 23774 ALT16001
LUCAS 23774A/D
LUCAS 23775 ALT16002
LUCAS 23775A/D
LUCAS 23777 ALT16001
LUCAS 23777A/B
LUCAS 23779 ALT16003
LUCAS 23779A/D
LUCAS 23781 ALT16002
LUCAS 23781A
LUCAS 23782 ALT16001
LUCAS 23782A/D
LUCAS 23794 ALT16002
LUCAS 23794A/D
LUCAS 23799
LUCAS 23799A/B
LUCAS 23800 ALT16002
LUCAS 23800A/D
LUCAS 23801 ALT16002
LUCAS 23801A/B
LUCAS 23802 ALT16001
LUCAS 23802A/B
LUCAS 23807
LUCAS 23807A/B
LUCAS 23808 ALT16003
LUCAS 23808A/F
LUCAS 23809 ALT16004
LUCAS 23809A/B
LUCAS 23810 ALT16004
LUCAS 23810A/B
LUCAS 23811 ALT16003
LUCAS 23811A/D
LUCAS 23813 ALT16037
LUCAS 23813A/D
LUCAS 23813A/E
LUCAS 23813E
LUCAS 23814 ALT16037
LUCAS 23814A/E
LUCAS 23819
LUCAS 23819A/B
LUCAS 23828 ALT16004
LUCAS 23828A/D
LUCAS 23830
LUCAS 23830A/B
LUCAS 23831 MAHMG615
LUCAS 23831A
LUCAS 23837 ALT16001
LUCAS 23837A/D
LUCAS 23839 ALT16003
LUCAS 23839A/B
LUCAS 23840 ALT16001
LUCAS 23840A
LUCAS 23841 ALT16004
LUCAS 23841A
LUCAS 23842 ALT16003
LUCAS 23842A
LUCAS 23846
LUCAS 23846A
LUCAS 23847 ALT16001
LUCAS 23847A
LUCAS 23848 ALT16003
LUCAS 23848A
LUCAS 23850 ALT16001
LUCAS 23850A
LUCAS 23851 ALT16001
LUCAS 23851A
LUCAS 23852 ALT16002
LUCAS 23852A/E
LUCAS 23853 ALT16001
LUCAS 23853A
LUCAS 23854 ALT16002
LUCAS 23854A
LUCAS 23855 ALT16001
LUCAS 23855A
LUCAS 23856 ALT16002
LUCAS 23856A
LUCAS 23857 ALT16004
LUCAS 23857A
LUCAS 23860
LUCAS 23860A
LUCAS 23865 ALT16009
LUCAS 23865A ALT16009
LUCAS 23871
LUCAS 23871A
LUCAS 23873 ALT16003
LUCAS 23873A
LUCAS 23878 ALT16001
LUCAS 23878A
LUCAS 23879A
LUCAS 23880 ALT16009
LUCAS 23880A
LUCAS 23888 MAHMG615
LUCAS 23888A/D
LUCAS 23889 ALT16001
LUCAS 23889A
LUCAS 23891 ALT16003
LUCAS 23891A
LUCAS 23893 ALT16003
LUCAS 23893A
LUCAS 23896
LUCAS 23896A
LUCAS 23903 ALT16001
LUCAS 23903A
LUCAS 23904 ALT16001
LUCAS 23904A
LUCAS 23905 ALT16004
LUCAS 23905A
LUCAS 23906 ALT16004
LUCAS 23906A
LUCAS 23909 ALT16001
LUCAS 23909A
LUCAS 23910 ALT16002
LUCAS 23910A
LUCAS 23911 ALT16001
LUCAS 23911A
LUCAS 23912 ALT16002
LUCAS 23912A
LUCAS 23913 ALT16004
LUCAS 23913A
LUCAS 23914 ALT16001
LUCAS 23914A
LUCAS 23915
LUCAS 23915A/B
LUCAS 23916
LUCAS 23916A
LUCAS 23917
LUCAS 23917A/B
LUCAS 23918 ALT16001
LUCAS 23918A
LUCAS 23919 ALT16001
LUCAS 23919A
LUCAS 23920 ALT16001
LUCAS 23920A/B
LUCAS 23921 ALT16002
LUCAS 23921A
LUCAS 23922 ALT16002
LUCAS 23922A
LUCAS 23923 ALT16002
LUCAS 23923A
LUCAS 23924 ALT16003
LUCAS 23924A
LUCAS 23925
LUCAS 23925A
LUCAS 23926 ALT16004
LUCAS 23926A
LUCAS 23927 ALT16004
LUCAS 23927A
LUCAS 23928 ALT16004
LUCAS 23928A
LUCAS 23929 ALT16012
LUCAS 23929A/D
LUCAS 23943
LUCAS 23943A
LUCAS 23944 ALT16001
LUCAS 23944A
LUCAS 23945 ALT16003
LUCAS 23945A
LUCAS 23946 ALT16003
LUCAS 23946A
LUCAS 23947 ALT16004
LUCAS 23947A
LUCAS 23948 ALT16004
LUCAS 23948A
LUCAS 23949 ALT16004
LUCAS 23949A
LUCAS 23950 ALT16004
LUCAS 23950A
LUCAS 23962 ALT16001
LUCAS 23962A
LUCAS 23963 ALT16002
LUCAS 23963A
LUCAS 23989 ALT16001
LUCAS 23989A
LUCAS 23990 ALT16001
LUCAS 23990A
LUCAS 23990A/B
LUCAS 23991
LUCAS 23991A
LUCAS 23993
LUCAS 23993A
LUCAS 23994 ALT16003
LUCAS 23994A/B
LUCAS 24012
LUCAS 24012A
LUCAS 24014
LUCAS 24014A
LUCAS 24019
LUCAS 24019A
LUCAS 24022 ALT16009
LUCAS 24022A
LUCAS 24103 ALT16001
LUCAS 24103A
LUCAS 24108 ALT16002
LUCAS 24108A
LUCAS 24123 ALT16009
LUCAS 24123A ALT16009
LUCAS 24139
LUCAS 24139A