Unit of IssueEACH



Property Value
CommentMachine Sensed
No of Diodes9
Plate Diameter48
Amperage (A)45
Heatsink NoteCopper
Battery Post2 Spade
OEM OEM Reference BOM
FORD 692F10304AA
JAGUAR 37H6924
JAGUAR 606829
LUCAS 49958
LUCAS 49990
LUCAS 54217386
LUCAS 83062
LUCAS 83178
LUCAS 83192
LUCAS 83962
LUCAS 84125
LUCAS 84460
TALBOT 5059884
OEM OEM Reference Complete Unit
LUCAS 23548 ALT16001
LUCAS 23548A/D
LUCAS 23548A/E
LUCAS 23548D
LUCAS 23548E
LUCAS 23549
LUCAS 23549A/D
LUCAS 23562
LUCAS 23562A/D
LUCAS 23563 ALT16002
LUCAS 23563A
LUCAS 23563A/D
LUCAS 23563D
LUCAS 23565 ALT16001
LUCAS 23565A
LUCAS 23565A/B
LUCAS 23565B
LUCAS 23566 ALT16001
LUCAS 23566A
LUCAS 23567
LUCAS 23567A/B
LUCAS 23568 ALT16002
LUCAS 23568A
LUCAS 23569 ALT16001
LUCAS 23569A
LUCAS 23569A/B
LUCAS 23569B
LUCAS 23570 ALT16001
LUCAS 23570A
LUCAS 23570A/B
LUCAS 23570B
LUCAS 23572 ALT16002
LUCAS 23572A
LUCAS 23572A/D
LUCAS 23572B/D
LUCAS 23573 ALT16001
LUCAS 23573A
LUCAS 23573A/D
LUCAS 23573B/D
LUCAS 23575
LUCAS 23575A/D
LUCAS 23575B
LUCAS 23576 ALT16002
LUCAS 23576A
LUCAS 23576A/D
LUCAS 23576B/D
LUCAS 23577A/D
LUCAS 23581
LUCAS 23581A
LUCAS 23581A/E
LUCAS 23582
LUCAS 23582A
LUCAS 23582A/D
LUCAS 23582B/D
LUCAS 23583 ALT16002
LUCAS 23583A
LUCAS 23583A/B
LUCAS 23583B
LUCAS 23584 ALT16001
LUCAS 23584A
LUCAS 23585 ALT16002
LUCAS 23585A
LUCAS 23595 ALT16001
LUCAS 23595A
LUCAS 23597
LUCAS 23597A
LUCAS 23597B/D
LUCAS 23598 ALT16001
LUCAS 23598A
LUCAS 23598B
LUCAS 23599 ALT16002
LUCAS 23599A
LUCAS 23599A/D
LUCAS 23599B/D
LUCAS 23600 ALT16002
LUCAS 23600A
LUCAS 23600A/B
LUCAS 23600B
LUCAS 23602 ALT16001
LUCAS 23602A
LUCAS 23602A/B
LUCAS 23602B
LUCAS 23603 ALT16001
LUCAS 23603A
LUCAS 23603B/D
LUCAS 23609 ALT16002
LUCAS 23609A
LUCAS 23609A/B
LUCAS 23609B
LUCAS 23610 ALT16001
LUCAS 23610A
LUCAS 23611 ALT16002
LUCAS 23611A
LUCAS 23612 ALT16001
LUCAS 23612A
LUCAS 23613 ALT16002
LUCAS 23613A
LUCAS 23613A/D
LUCAS 23614
LUCAS 23614A
LUCAS 23614A/D
LUCAS 23614B/D
LUCAS 23624 ALT16002
LUCAS 23624A
LUCAS 23624A/B
LUCAS 23624B
LUCAS 23625 ALT16001
LUCAS 23625A
LUCAS 23625A/B
LUCAS 23625B
LUCAS 23626 ALT16002
LUCAS 23626A
LUCAS 23626A/B
LUCAS 23626B
LUCAS 23627 ALT16001
LUCAS 23627A
LUCAS 23627A/B
LUCAS 23629 ALT16002
LUCAS 23629A/D
LUCAS 23630
LUCAS 23630A/E
LUCAS 23631 ALT16002
LUCAS 23631A
LUCAS 23631A/D
LUCAS 23632A/B
LUCAS 23632D/E
LUCAS 23634
LUCAS 23634A
LUCAS 23634A/D
LUCAS 23635A/D
LUCAS 23636
LUCAS 23636A/D
LUCAS 23637
LUCAS 23637A
LUCAS 23637A/D
LUCAS 23638 ALT16002
LUCAS 23638A
LUCAS 23638A/D
LUCAS 23638B/D
LUCAS 23639 ALT16002
LUCAS 23639A
LUCAS 23639A/D
LUCAS 23640 ALT16001
LUCAS 23640A
LUCAS 23640A/D
LUCAS 23640B/D
LUCAS 23641 ALT16002
LUCAS 23641A/D
LUCAS 23641B/D
LUCAS 23642 ALT16001
LUCAS 23642A/B
LUCAS 23643 ALT16001
LUCAS 23643A
LUCAS 23643A/B
LUCAS 23643B
LUCAS 23644 ALT16002
LUCAS 23644A
LUCAS 23644A/B
LUCAS 23644B
LUCAS 23645 ALT16002
LUCAS 23645A
LUCAS 23645A/B
LUCAS 23645B
LUCAS 23646A
LUCAS 23646B
LUCAS 23647A
LUCAS 23648A
LUCAS 23648B
LUCAS 23649 ALT16001
LUCAS 23649A
LUCAS 23649A/B
LUCAS 23649B
LUCAS 23650 ALT16001
LUCAS 23650A
LUCAS 23650A/B
LUCAS 23650B
LUCAS 23651 ALT16001
LUCAS 23651A
LUCAS 23652 ALT16002
LUCAS 23652A/B
LUCAS 23652B
LUCAS 23653A
LUCAS 23655 ALT16002
LUCAS 23655A/B
LUCAS 23656 ALT16002
LUCAS 23656A/B
LUCAS 23658 ALT16001
LUCAS 23658A/B
LUCAS 23660 ALT16001
LUCAS 23660A
LUCAS 23660A/B
LUCAS 23660B
LUCAS 23661
LUCAS 23661A
LUCAS 23661A/D
LUCAS 23661B/D
LUCAS 23662 ALT16001
LUCAS 23662A
LUCAS 23662A/D
LUCAS 23662B/D
LUCAS 23663 ALT16002
LUCAS 23663A
LUCAS 23663A/D
LUCAS 23663B/D
LUCAS 23664 ALT16001
LUCAS 23664A/B
LUCAS 23665 ALT16002
LUCAS 23665A/B
LUCAS 23665B
LUCAS 23666 ALT16001
LUCAS 23666A/B
LUCAS 23666B
LUCAS 23667
LUCAS 23667A/D
LUCAS 23668
LUCAS 23668A/D
LUCAS 23668B/D
LUCAS 23674 ALT16001
LUCAS 23674A/B
LUCAS 23676
LUCAS 23676A/D
LUCAS 23678 ALT16001
LUCAS 23678A/D
LUCAS 23696
LUCAS 23696A/D
LUCAS 23741
LUCAS 23741A/B
LUCAS 23742 ALT16001
LUCAS 23742A
LUCAS 23778 ALT16001
LUCAS 23778A/D
LUCAS 23780 ALT16002
LUCAS 23780A/E
LUCAS 23816 ALT16001
LUCAS 23816A/B
LUCAS 23820 ALT16002
LUCAS 23820A/B
LUCAS 23822 ALT16002
LUCAS 23822A/B
LUCAS 23823 ALT16001
LUCAS 23823A/B
LUCAS 23824 ALT16002
LUCAS 23824A/B
LUCAS 23825 ALT16001
LUCAS 23825A/B
LUCAS 23826
LUCAS 23826A/B
LUCAS 23827
LUCAS 23827A/B
LUCAS 23874 ALT16001
LUCAS 23874A
LUCAS 23890 ALT16003
LUCAS 23890A
LUCAS 23961 ALT16004
LUCAS 23961A